The Major Circle of Fifths — Available now on the App Store!

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The Major Circle of Fifths app is a useful reference tool for any musician or student of music theory, from beginners to advanced composers. The buttons from the initial screen represent all of the major scales in the Circle of Fifths. When a button from the circle is pressed the scales are displayed in a simple elegant mannor so that they are easy to understand. The accidentals are included in the musical notation as well as the corresponding letters in the scale.


Press the play button to hear a recording of the scale while an animation displays the notes as they are heard.  Touch the notes or the letters below the staff to hear the corresponding notes played back individually. Rotate the phone to landscape orientation for larger scale display and easier handling. Swipe from scale to scale while practicing or composing.

Enjoy the music!

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Thank you.

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4 comments on “The Major Circle of Fifths — Available now on the App Store!
  1. Hello
    I am Christèle from Apps4iDevices
    If you want to see your App posted in priority you could send us a Promo Code!
    We also organize little Contests with developers who offer their Apps to our visitors, if you are interested, please check out our Contest page and let us know.
    If you have any informations on your next updates or new apps in the works, could you let us know. If your next apps possess a large sound bank, could you list them as right now we don’t have the resources to add all the sounds that are currently available to our Posts… even with an OCR.

  2. sethvernon says:

    Yes! Absolutely!
    We would be happy to send you a promo code so that we may post on your page.
    Let me look into it and I will get back with you.

  3. Tony says:

    Are you going to develop a circle that shows the minor keys as well? The major keys alone is an inadequate learning function..,

    • sethvernon says:


      Thank you for your comment. Yes. When I originally started the concept for the app I was considering doing this. However I did run into some issues with the size of the binary and the quality of the audio. I felt that great audio quality was crucial to a music app. I chose to keep things simple.

      The iPad version will have both so keep an eye our for this. This was our first app and we will be developing more and would like to know what people are looking for and how we can use technology to enhance people’s music experience and learning.

      Your comments are welcome and the great thing about apps is you can add features as you go along. This is just the beginning…


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